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Junior Primary - Primary 1 to 3

Children in Primary 1 to 3 still have a class teacher, but increasingly are taught by subject specialists. For example, French and Phonics are introduced from primary 1. In addition, our students are also taught specialist subjects such as Home Economics, Music and Computer Science in the well-equipped laboratories.

Also from primary one, a strong tutorial system is in place. Each tutor is responsible for the academic and pastoral wellbeing of a small group of tutees, this helps to ensure that each pupil's progress and welfare are closely monitored.

Flexible finishing times are a help to busy parents, giving children the opportunity to complete homework, engage in after school lessons, participate in various after school club activities.  Click here for more details about available after school club activities.

At the end of primary 3, our pupils are ready to move on to senior primary classes i.e. primary 4 to 6.



Senior primary – primary 4 to 6

Primary 4 to 6 are the defining classes of a New Capital School education. New Capital School values and ethos are particularly in evidence during this time, as not only are pupils working at their optimum level, but they are also learning to become responsible, independent thinkers.

New Capital School’s academic record is excellent.  Pupils have first-class opportunities to study and are expected and encouraged to work hard.  During the senior years, pupils are often achieving standards well beyond those expected of their age group.  Many of our students receive awards from their chosen secondary schools in recognition of excellence in entrance examinations or assessments.  This success gives pupils a head start for the next phase of their life in their chosen secondary school and, whether their strengths are academic, sporting, artistic or musical, it is always a pleasure to see how well former pupils perform in WACE, NECO, A Levels and at university.

Academic rigour is only part of the picture.  There are other challenges, too, as pupils take on more responsibilities and involvement in the day-to-day life of the school.  Character, confidence, competitive spirit and team-building develop as a result of being a leader in school teams, taking on lead roles in musical and dramatic productions, becoming prefects and supporting the school and its staff.  As pupils grow, personalities develop and the progression into adult life begins in an environment which is familiar, friendly, family-orientated, and in which each and every pupil is well known to all staff.

Outside the classroom, sport, music, drama and dance complete the picture of a New Capital School education.

Senior pupils work hard, play hard, compete well and form strong friendships, which often last a lifetime.  At age 13+, pupils leave New Capital School as happy, confident, self-assured individuals, and we believe they are best prepared for the next stage of their academic life.